Webstar Technology Group Inc.

We stay focused on what’s new and what’s trending in the technology industry.

Company Overview

Webstar Technology Group engages in providing software as a service (“SaaS”) related to purchased, licensed and in-house created software technology. Through a state of the art Network Operations Center with Call Center Operations, we will provide the sales, marketing, customer service and technical support required to provide software solutions to our customer base. We seek to support software products and services unique to and highly advanced in their industry applications. Software solutions will be purchased, licensed or created with exclusivity rights granted to us by the developers. Our strategic relationship with our software partners assures state of the art solutions for both commercial and retail customer applications.

Who we are…

Since inception, Webstar Technology Group has been focused, in large part, on its organizational activities and the development of its business.

Our Chief Executive Officer along with his Management Team will focus their efforts towards obtaining the rights to purchase and license software products, including the rights to market and sell related services. Moreover, management will create a state of the art Network Operations Center with a Call Center.

Our Creative Team, led by James Owens ( the Founder of Webstar Technology Group) has many years of experience developing software solutions. Webstar Technology Group has been entrusted to bring their software products to the market place. These products will save significant time and money for End Users in their specific applications.

What we do…

Webstar Technology Group will provide services on a subscription basis at our Network Operations Center. The Company has selected key locations to provide such support. Webstar Technology Group’s Network Operations Center will house the most advanced server and infrastructure technologies thanks to our partnership with Hewlett Packard Corporation.

The software products and services that we purchase, license or develop will be proprietary, unique and highly advanced within the industry. These services will be provided both domestically and globally. We also required that the software developer grants us the exclusive rights to manage the software products and sales. The software developer will be actively involved in the design of the sales and marketing plans, providing direct assistance in the design requirements for technical support. Further, Webstar Technology Group will have rights to all features, versions and maintenance upgrades to the software products.


“To transform the connected world through innovative and disruptive technologies that helps businesses thrive, and impacts people’s lives.”

Our goal is to create technology that’s useful and practical; making an impact on the technology industry through innovation and access. We enjoy what we do and plan on participating in the creation of “the technology of tomorrow.”

We will strive for excellence. We believe that practicing honesty and integrity, forged with loyalty, both to ourselves and to the technical industry will show our true character. Our promise is that we will seek real solutions in the technology world so all of us will benefit and enjoy it together.


“To enhance and improve businesses and people’s lives across the globe with our disruptive, innovative technologies and contribute to the relief of the needy and oppressed around the world.”

We will strive for excellence and we believe that practicing honesty and integrity, forged with loyalty, both to ourselves and the universal demand for our technology solutions will unveil our true character and purpose. Our promise is that we will seek and provide real solutions in the technology world for us all to benefit and enjoy together.

The future is coming, are you ready?

Jacksonville, FL: US HQ

Webstar Technology Group, Inc.

4231 Walnut Bend

Jacksonville, FL 32257