What is Tech Funding?

At Webstar Technology Group we’re looking to help the small tech business owner that has a great idea for a software application or an innovative device. We are also seeking inspired entrepreneurs with creativity, motivation, and drive that need assistance to take their idea to the next level. So if you think you have what it takes to become a great technical entrepreneur, with tomorrow’s software or hardware idea, but need a boost to get there, we are here to help.

We can supply funding and technical resources in development, engineering, support, management, marketing, and sales.

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We are actively looking to invest in ground-breaking early-stage technology businesses and also help aspiring entrepreneurs.



Frequently Asked Questions

We invest in early stage or start-up companies in exchange for an equity ownership interest. Our investment in start-ups helps accelerate the growth and increases potentially marketable interest.

Now you are seeking financial assistance. Many roads lead to this point. Small businesses and/or individuals need assistance with funding or other additional resources.

Even if a company has received some preliminary funding, whether from crowdfunding or other sources, it may find it needs additional funding to keep a project or idea moving along. Whatever the reason you are in need of assistance, we can help. Provided, of course, that you can convince us of the potential of your idea, product or solution and meet our criteria.

How much do we invest in a company or individual?
The typical investment is $25,000 to $100,000 a company, but can go higher.

What do we consider in our investment decisions?
  • Seeing a personal passion, commitment, and the drive to succeed.
  • The ability to define market opportunities and the potential for a successful investment.
  • A clear thought-out business plan and evidence of market need.
  • Deep interest in the technology or intellectual properties presented.
  • The ability to show accurate valuation and acceptable terms.
  • Being able to identify progress that has already taken place.
What do we like to initially see from an entrepreneur?
  • The ability to clearly pitch your idea or product.

  • Being prepared with all necessary equipment for your presentation.

  • The ability to show a prototype, working model, or have proof of concept.

  • Prove initial customer interest.

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