At Webstar Technology Group, we’re excited to introduce GIGABYTE SLAYER™ to the World! This will revolutionize the way data is transmitted across the World Wide Web, never again will it be as we know it today. Tired of internet slow downs as traffic builds across the Web? We know what that’s like, waiting for movies to download or streaming a video that pauses several times or freezes when downloading is frustrating, but it’s just the nature of the beast. This is where GIGABYTE SLAYER™ takes over and slays the data beast for you!

We created the GIGABYTE SLAYER™ App for your Smartphone or Tablet. Our App will eliminate video streaming buffering and reduce YOUR data plan usage giving you up to 6X more available high-speed data from any 4G LTE cell phone plan or mobile network provider.

Using GIGABYTE SLAYER™, your 1GB of high-speed data plan will be increased by 6X, giving you a total 6GB of high-speed data.

The Gigabyte Slayer™ App is designed to deliver live video streams, video downloads and data files more efficiently by using new proprietary data compression technology developed by Mr. James R. Owens. This new patent pending technology significantly reduces the data package size and enhances the data traffic control between cell phone provider data downloads and uploads to their clients’ smartphones.

The Gigabyte Slayer™ service is targeted to enter the Smartphone/Tablet market by offering free App downloads, with just a $9.95 monthly service fee. Now, the Smartphone and Tablet user will be able to drastically decrease their data usage, increasing streaming content up to 6 times! Using their Current Data Plan, at no additional cost from their cell phone provider.


Today’s web browsers perform various levels of caching data, unfortunately using unsophisticated cache control capabilities. In comparison, GIGABYTE SLAYER™ data compression optimizes the high bandwidth downloads and streams the data to your smartphone/tablet devices. Using our compression software in the data stream, the data stream will be more efficient and up to 1/6th the size of the current web browser downloads.

GIGABYTE SLAYER™ users will stream data content via our servers using this data compression software process. This process will dramatically reduce the data bandwidth needed when watching online videos, playing online games, or simply downloading data.

Just think of the “Gigabyte$” and the money YOU will $AVE every month!!

Our Gigabyte Slayer™ App will be available soon for customers to download via Google Play for Android devices and the APP Store for Apple devices or on our website coming soon at

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Mobile network freedom at last.

Now with our Gigabyte Slayer™ App, it is time to say goodbye to network buffering and slow downloads.

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