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We are pioneering a new era! At Webstar Technology Group Inc we realized that the world’s internet and software capabilities are being held back not only by its hardware and software but the way we interface with it. People’s expectations are set by our current capabilities and how we use the computer today. We are currently working on new technology that will propel us light years ahead.

The first advanced technology we are unveiling is our communication enhancement for mobile devices.

After years of research we have developed a major breakthrough in data communications. Now you can stream videos more efficiently without buffering or download large files faster, on your mobile devices.

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Keeping People connected.


We live in a world of ever-changing technology that improves our way of life. Our mission is to do our part in helping tomorrow’s aspiring technology to evolve…


Our Team takes pride in working with intelligent, innovative people with the resourcefulness to produce or create something great with outstanding results…


In business, timing is everything. In order for us to accomplish what we set out to do, our focus had to be on executing our plan in a systematic process, to achieve maximum success…

GIGABYTE SLAYER™ is powerful and gives you complete freedom.

Now you can use your mobile device with confidence, anywhere you go.

Go ahead!  webSurf,  videoStream,  downLoad more with no restrictions.

We make mobile device networks faster and safer for everyone!



Our Technology

Mobile App Layer

Our innovation begins with the mobile application platform. Our mobile application platform layer is designed by utilizing a hybrid compression software technology that increases the data stream throughput by up to 6X, combined with our encryption for security from the client to our network servers. The App is user-friendly and our client benefits while the app operates transparently on their device.

Internet Cloud Layer

We know the internet cloud is important to all of us in our everyday life but with today’s online security threats it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your data. We provide all our clients with double the protection through our hybrid software VPN tunnel technology, giving our customers that extra layer of security for their peace of mind.

Service VPN Layer

The service VPN layer is a virtual private network that provides a connection from the client device to the internet gateway, but not all VPN have the same performance levels. OUR VPN service provides you with double the speed, coupled with double encryption protection through our hybrid VPN compression tunnel software which is unique technology we provide all our customers ensuring speed and safety.

Making today’s mobile applications work better.

Gigabyte Slayer™ app is designed to enhance and ensure mobile apps run faster and are more secure, from anywhere, on any device.

We Offer Customers

We know everyone could use more data. Aren’t YOU tired of running out of high-speed data, while you’re watching a video? Join us, and get 6X more high-speed data and 65% increased bandwidth at a fraction of the cost, on any mobile plan, with any mobile network.

Are you tired of waiting for videos to load…the annoyance of buffering due to your network speed, or the, seemingly, “forever” of slow downloads. Now, you can take control and turbocharge your connection with speeds increased by up to 50% for your Network connection and your mobile device(s) using our patented, hybrid technology.

Privacy has to be a very high priority in the world of technology. We have gone above and beyond to assure you privacy by providing you, not only a VPN encryption, but we double down and provide you with additional data compression tunnel encryption hybrid technology. We take pride in having confidence in our security.

  • More Network Bandwidth 65%
  • More Network Speed 50%
  • More Network Privacy 100%

The growing demand for a faster mobile network!  

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Our commitment to work smarter


Actions speak louder than words. Our engineering team is devoted to finding the best way to deliver as fine-tuned a network as possible to ensure performance.


Our customer support team is here to help you 24/7. We always have somebody on staff, with a full cup of coffee, ready to help you.

Customer Loyalty

We love our customers and respect them, treating them the way we like to be treated ourselves. There are no wrong questions, just friends with answers.

Team Work

The key for success is having a well-balanced team.

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