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What is Webstar Technology Group?

Webstar Technology Group nurtures and grows new companies via creating development strategies and increasing sales. It is important for all businesses to focus on business expansion and creative marketing. There are companies wholly devoted to stand alone business development for other companies, we prefer an in house, personal approach.

Webstar Technology Group‘s process of business development incorporates many different resources to take an idea and grow it to a profitable company. The business concepts development team, together with the product development team and our sales team…enjoy the challenge of today’s changing business world.

Webstar Technology Group, if necessary, will contract with partners who specifically handle “module” development, to speed the timeline of the project. Communicating with the experts on all facets of the project to bring a concept to market. Making sure that everyone is up to speed with the most current business trends is vital to maintaining our company’s success, and we do!

Project Management that is Committed and Focused

Webstar Technology Group embraces the latest standards for Project Management. With over 10 years of project management experience, we are capable of managing the most detailed, technical, and resource intensive projects. Most of the projects we handle are I.T. centric as many of our projects include complex websites, search engine optimization projects, mobile applications, web software applications, and innovative product developments.

Our ability to achieve strategic objectives while working within certain constraints (like a tight budget, or limited resources) is what sets us apart from the competition. We place emphasis on governance, establishing a framework, and controlling the project from day one. Our communication competencies and collaborative tool sets make us a core asset that yields benefit across your entire project management endeavor.


Operations Management with Organizational Leadership

Good process and excellent communication is key to properly functioning operations in small business. The proper management of tasks, resources, and projects is required to succeed. Webstar Technology Group can plan and execute, or refine your existing procedures, to obtain the highest level of operational efficiency. Let us show you how the adoption of good best practice and proven process can help cut costs and increase productivity in your organization.

Information Technology ( I.T.) is a huge passion of Webstar Technology Group and we cover just about every aspect of this exciting business area. We bring over 15 years of experience with all things I.T., ranging from I.T. Project management, to software product development, hardware maintenance and custom machine builds, to basic software and systems maintenance. We have worked with I.T. professionals on dozens of complicated projects, from concept to execution, and can handle just about any type of I.T. challenge we are presented with.



Product Development with Stabliliy, Scalability and Sociability

Everything begins with a vision. However, many ideas never make it any further. Webstar Technology Group has the expertise to take your product or software idea to the next level, with proven strategic planning, tracking and execution methodologies. We are experts in  software development and consumer product manufacturing, through all areas of the product development life-cycle.

Web Application Development: Our Agile Software Development methodologies ensure a highly collaborative and successful outcome for your project, with a unique emphasis on highly coordinated planning, while also utilizing the more traditional benefits of detailed documentation. We are experts in understanding every step in the SDL ( Software Development Life-cycle)


Marketing goals for both the short term and over the long term

Now, your product is complete. Where do you go from here? Webstar Technology Group’s marketing strategies will guide you through the digital marketing jungle. Identifying short term goals that produce fast results, promoting to selected markets of interest, thereby achieving faster financial return.

The marketing strategy model that Webstar Technology Group has developed utilizes the implementation of long term goals for the product which are necessary for success. At Webstar Technology Group we stand behind our efforts and devote ourselves to our customers’ success.